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Common description

Orange Pi Boards are small SBC's (Single Board Computer) made by Xunlong.

Most information can be found by looking at Xunlong official website or official Wiki, or even official github repositories or online resources.

You will also find shared resources on Linux Sunxi Wiki pages.

But, as most advanced users, I do not like to do it the usual way, and prefer making my own custom images for the boards I use :)
Of course I like doing so, but that's not the only incentive I have :

  • I do not want to use a system which I am unable to improve or fix, so I need to be able to recompile every part of the system.
  • I'm looking for open-source systems, so I need to have access to all the sources, and building my images from scratch is a good way to check.
  • Vendor images are often outdated
  • Third party images are ... third party ones, from unknown and untrusted sources.
  • I do not like common embedded "solutions" like OpenEmbeded, Yocto, or their predecessors. They are most of the time a problem, not a solution, and hide all the interesting parts behind complex build systems and tend to promote the wrong approach to embedded systems (from my point of view at least).
  • Working on embedded systems and customizing them is a big part of my job, so this enables me to keep up-to-date and learn new stuff by the way :)
  • And writting it all here helps me improve my english, and helps showcasing my skills :)

So you'll find on these pages the information I share about these boards, and the links to the results when appropriate (but refer to fourth point in the list above about these images ... better to follow the steps, you'll learn a lot).


Orange Pi Zero

Dedicated page : Orange Pi Zero

Orange Pi Zero 2

Dedicated page : Orange Pi Zero 2

Orange Pi Zero plus

Dedicated page : Orange Pi Zero Plus

Orange Pi 3

Dedicated page : Orange Pi 3

Orange Pi 3 LTS

(Note that this board has significant differences with Orange Pi 3)

Dedicated page : Orange Pi 3 LTS

Usefull Links